Thursday, March 26, 2009


my keibunsha book of the week this week has been number two in the mina perhonen series: embroidery. and this week via the two japan related blogs below, i have discovered amazing embroidery artists (and fall deeper enthralled with the blogging community and the beautiful artists it brings to all). so i thought i would complete the week on an embroidery note. or stitch.

thank you to love you big for the delightful discovery of megan whitmarsh (with original post here)
thank you to souzou for the wonderful world of takashi iwasaki

all above works by megan whitmarsh
all below works by takashi iwasaki
(see links to websites in main text)


  1. Ooh it's a pleasure! Thank you so much for Takashi Iwasaki - what stunning work x

  2. Morteza13:49

    I love takashi iwasaki indeed...


  3. so colorful! they remind me a little of the early pixelated computer games like king's quest.