Wednesday, March 25, 2009

humourous desire

by far the best thing for me about this blog is tremendous discoveries of japan likemindedness. just to mention some of the local artists, designers and bloggers i have had the joy to discover in this way are the most amazing melbourne-based designfiles (to whom i thank for first mentioning little ii-ne-kore), hellosandwich, souzou (both of whom have recently done ever so lovely shoutouts to new blog friends) and lepetitflaneur - all of these people are part of what is to me a really wonderful local blogging community that writes, creates and posts with a distinct personal style which speaks to the sensibilities of  fans (like me!) of japan-related art, design, craft and general deliciousness.

i first saw a mention of the
humour fashion site via a nautically-minded lepetitflaneur, and i am so very happy it is now firmly on my fashion radar. above is the bag from wakana koike that le petit flaneur was very fond of and first posted here. below are my picks from the range of fashionistas at humour. (i hope it is not too obvious that i am from melbourne, what with all the black and all.)

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