Thursday, April 23, 2009

hokipoki says good morning

hokipoki's beautiful food photography inspired me to make an onigiri lunch. the above photo is a hokipoki piece of deliciouness. the below photo is my recent onigiri lunch at home. hokipoki site, hokipoki tumblr, hokipoki flickr.

my lunch is:
misoshiru with ginger, spring onion, wakame and tofu (justhunry has a good basic miso soup section)
hakusai no sokusekizuke (quick chinese cabbage pickle recipe via justhungry)
3 types of onigiri: ground sesame seeds, seasoned kombu filling, and dried red shiso
ajitsuke nori for eating onigiri (salt seasoned seaweed strips)
genmai-cha (brown rice tea)

i have put up the directions for making these three onigiri and more under ii-ne-kore vegetarian recipes link on the left. onigiri make a lovely wholesome lunch and of course an excellent bento item, please enjoy!

above: my onigiri lunch

above three: hokipoki food photography (beautiful kaki shot)


  1. I'm loving reading your blog! I spent 5 years in Nikko and returned last month to Melbourne. Thanks for sharing Melbourne's Japanese secrets.

  2. Gorgeous lunch pics! Your onigiri lunch looks wonderful. I dragged out a multi-layered bento box I haven't used in a while yesterday. I still have some that I've never used and in their original shop wrapping :)

  3. thanks for your comment jason, it's always so great to hear from another returnee, what an amazing place to live for 5 years, so unusual, i am sure many gaijin visit nikko but not so many live there?
    melbourne japan is an ongoing project - i love to hear of any other hidden\secret delights of nihon in the hometown!

  4. excellent - you had better unwrap and get bento-ing then miss mizu :)

  5. ha! thank you for sharing the links!
    I love food photos and onigiri too. I am preparing brown rice for tonight so I might do onigiri dinner.....
    Your onigiri looks yum.

  6. oh thanks so much for your comment momo, i really love your blog and always look out for your cooking posts:)
    i hope your onigiri dinner was delicious!