Tuesday, April 21, 2009

kyouei design

kyouei design have a really great way of looking at the world. the balloonlamp above is made with a balloon and an LED. in some way it all reminds me a little of droog.

an update: i really, really want this 15 piece ballonlamp. why is it japanese designers make such wonderful balloon chandeliers?

the caption for the topography plate below reads:
'please pour the soup into this plate. mountain range and a lake are completed. and the bottom of the lake appears when you eat the soup. please enjoy the taste, the landscape and topography of this plate. when you use it as a salad dish, it becomes a forest. you can create a landscape on your very own table'

available via dedece+ in australia.

bulb lantern
the colour light: a 20-minute DVD with all the colours of the spectrum

chandelier light
glass tank: 'it is a glass for drinking a lot'


  1. I want that topography plate! I wonder if we can find those in Canada...

  2. oh, you have prompted me to update the post there - thankyou lindsay! i went back and looked for sending from japan info and was mesmerised by the 15 piece balloon lamp. so wonderful. good luck in finding them in canada, but the prices direct from japan also seem pretty ok?