Tuesday, April 7, 2009

mademoiselley in paris

rie yagura continues the story of paris lived and seen through the prism of a japanese artists world. rie is a very delightful interior designer who goes by the name of mademoiselley and is currently based in paris. as she says on her site: 'my life in japan up to the age of 25 created my work today. this difference, these two separate worlds, asia and europe, strict and light, led me to develop and create unique things'. rie very kindly and in her beautifully friendly way replied to my questions about her ideas and influences:

what is japanese aesthetic to you?
'japanese beauty = simplicity. looking for the beauty of materials themselves (object no motteiru utsukushisa o sagasu)'
which japanese designers, artists or creative people do you admire?
'i love the work of (japanese surrealist-influenced photographer and artist) sugimoto hiroshi...the go'o shrine optical glass stair is pure...very beautiful!'

sugimoto hiroshi was the artist designer behind the reconstruction of the go'o shrine as part of the naoshima art project. he is well known for his architectural, diorama and seascape photography. some pictures of sugimoto's work at end.

all above images from mademoiselley

all above images from sugimoto hiroshi website

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