Wednesday, April 8, 2009

cats on blogs

has anyone else noticed that people who write blogs are by far majority neko-ha (cat-preferring) as opposed to inu-ha (dog preferring). (i heard the term neko-ha when living in japan but can't find it anywhere in the dictionaries i have...perhaps my memory fails, or perhaps it is some kind of kansai-ben or just slang my friends used? i would be interested if anyone knows?)

anyway, cats are great. of course, i have my own little furry four legged sentient being who wanders around my house doing as he pleases. his name is linen press and he is a tonkinese (a blend between burmese and siamese). he snores, sleeps in, comes home smelling of someone else's fire during the winter and is partial to shoelaces and string.

these are some indulgent pictures of the press, and also some of the fantastic cat house that is built by hebel house - a cookie-cutter japanese house developer equivalent to one word, delfin over here in australia. but i am pretty sure delfin would not go the distance and make a model entirely devoted to cats. which is yet another reason why japan is wonderful. see more pictures via this site devoted to the modern cat.

i am also interested in the variations japanese language has on the word 'cat' and its various connotations and evocations. see an interesting list via Jim Breen online dictionary (search 猫). 
i particularly like 猫かぶり(nekokaburi): feigned innocence or naivete, beguiling innocence, wolf in sheep's clothing

above pictures of the neko house by hebel

a man we saw in the middle of shinjuku tokyo who takes  his cats with him on bicycle
linen press doing what he does best

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  1. guilty.

    linen press is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e., of course.