Thursday, May 21, 2009

friends' houses

oh my,  just got all excited to see ye rin mok's lovely photos of friends' houses via jeana sohn's blog. and very happy because i can tie it into japan a little, and hence a sneaky post:)

two of my current and ongoing mini-obsessions can be seen in the photos below:
macrame pot plant hangers (i have one from ebay in my living room, and i have the 70s how-to books, now i just need the rope and some knotting skills...)
that plant. the one that grows really well just bare roots in water, and in poor light. so it is often in offices here. i plundered my office plants of many stems and cuttings and now have them growing at home. and no one i know can agree on the name...

and the link to japan? the plants aside, it is the tenugui in the kitchen photo - i have the very same one. i got it from efish last time i was in kyoto. so great! i think ye rin mok is wonderful. 


  1. Anonymous01:09

    I like the look of that plant - do you think it might be the 'heart leaf philodendron'?

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  3. hello peapods, i really love you blog! ooh, i think it might be a type of yes - thankyou, you are a a plant mastrer:) many people know it by a kind of nickname, so it is nice to see the 'official name'!

  4. I love your beautiful blog. That plant I have growing every where here. It was also a plant my granmother used to grow in Cuba.

  5. thanks so much yoli, that is lovely to hear about your connection with the plant:) i was thinking of your blog yesterday, in the newspaper, there was a couple of really good articles on human rights, and human dignity in terms of refugee and asylum policy here in australia, and i thought of your blog - you do such a beautiful job of highlighting these kinds of issues - it is really thought provoking, and refreshing, to read.

  6. Anonymous22:06

    I love the light in all the pictures most!