Thursday, May 14, 2009

koi nobori

i forgot to mention that it was 子どもの日 (children's day) in japan on may 5. time for koi nobori.
above: couleurs koi nobori
below: a lovely new blog find


  1. Anonymous22:47

    Wanting to congratulate you on your fascinating interview over at hello sandwich. Sending smiles!

  2. oh thankyou jo! ebony is very lovely to have thought of me - i am really touched that it was interesting for you to read - thankyou so much!

  3. Anonymous22:34

    I had such incredibly fun taking a good look at all the aspects (the links that is). I love this side of Japan and often wish our culture here in Germany had a bit more of their respect. I learnt a lot about Japan in a course I did for work but never went there (yet). You have had marvellous luck to have been able to start studying the language so early on!