Friday, May 15, 2009

wow, the lovely hello sandwich did a little interview with me, thankyou very much for thinking of me ebony, and i really can't wait to see your japan interview friday for next week!


  1. Hi, I've "sassoku" read your interview and is just super! I could see how much you love Japan and I imagined you coming to Japan as a young girl and how brave you must have been! (Kind of doubled myself going to OZ as a young girl :) )

    Ebony's interview will be "tanoshimi" ne ;)

  2. yay - you are very good at finding how to comment on these posts (i just spent 5 minutes trying to work out how to reply to you, as i don;t have a post title to click on, then realised i can click on the time of post and it brings up the comments!)
    oh thanks hiki - actually, i don;t have an interview with ebony, but that is a good idea!, but ebony will post an interview next friday with a secret wonderful japan-influenced blogger - will be great!
    thanks again, have a really nice weekend.