Thursday, May 28, 2009

momo's renkon burger

i am so very happy to post my second guest recipe, a delicious renkon burger recipe from kurashi arekore's momosan. renkon is lotus root, and you can buy it frozen in asian supermarkets, but momo said that fresh renkon is grown by local producers in nsw. i think we could also find it fresh down south here, if we investigated a little at farmers markets or asian grocers...please do see if you can find fresh (momo recommends only fresh!) and give the burgers a try - so delicious. the recipe is in downloadable PDF under the ii-ne-kore vegetarian japanese recipes on the left hand side there.
a very big thank you to momo. i think kurashi arekore blog is one of the most beautiful, lovely examples of 'murmurings about my life'.

ps - momo and friends visit wood spoon kitchen on smith street - a relatively new japanese place that i really want to get to soon. i like the sound of those corn butter parsley onigiri! and whilst we are on nice melbourne japanese places, kappaya cafe and lovely japanese wares store zakkaya as reviewed at the wonderful open blog are also absolute winners.


wood spoon kitchen


  1. momo04:15

    I think it is time for me to go and get some renkon soon....

    Next time I will be in Melbourne, I will be at Kappaya for sure.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. mmmmm oishiso! I love renkon burger though I haven't made it myself, perhaps I should try!

    My friend helps out at Kappaya and Zakkaya occasionally maybe you've seen her....?

  3. Oh I LOVE renkon with a passion! Thanks for posting the recipe. You can buy fresh renkon at Asian supermarkets in Victoria St, Richmond (Melbourne). Minh Phat has them fresh - I saw them last week.

  4. thanks for the tip about fresh renkon victoria street kylie - will be heading there very soon! おいしそうでしょう! i am not sure if i have seen your friend hiki - but will keep an eye out now!

  5. i love momo's blog too :) we should meet up and go to kappaya for tea when work is all done :)

  6. hi maire! yes! that is an entirely fabulous idea. end of june....