Wednesday, May 27, 2009

patios of cordoba

if you remember the potted gardens of tokyo, maybe you will like the patios of cordoba? a lot more colour and brightness here perhaps than in tokyo pots, but for me a thrill of colour is a nice thing to see on a relatively bleak melbourne day.

the bbc produced '
around the world in 80 gardens' has been great to watch here on the abc. a wonderful episode on gardens of japan and china last week, and this week the mediterranean (including the courtyard gardens of cordoba). i really like the way monty the presenter maps the history and confluence of cultures over the beautiful gardens he shows.

these photos are from
this flickr set.


  1. This is paradise.

  2. wow sugoi...!
    I wish my neighbour would do the potted garden like the last photo.
    Wouldn't that be so nice if I can see it from my window every day!

  3. Anonymous21:07

    I marvel! What lushness and colourful bliss!

  4. OMG I've been to Cordoba and just LOVED the courtyard gardens there so much! Spain has the most beautiful gardens with fountains and gorgeous ceramic tiles. And geraniums look lovely there. It's funny because I don't really like geraniums in Australia.

  5. ooh, very envious that you have been there kylie - amazing! thanks everyone for the comments - it is totally a little bit of coloured paradise for a grey autumn day here...