Friday, May 8, 2009

oh, yokoo

the best explanation of where a name came from i have ever read.

Q: where did you get your name from? was it inspired at all by japanese designer tadanori yokoo?

A: years ago, i had fallen in love with my college freshman english professor, and he had decided to give me a Y for my birthday. it was wonderful. the next day I broke up with him.

the three “O”s were not always so cute. they actually started out as zeroes. when I found them they were rather humble little things. they used to tell me how they were all going to be big, big movie stars one day. i told them if they wanted to be movie stars then they had better change their names, because no one would ever give an Oscar to someone named Zero.

finally, they agreed and decided to call themselves Oscars. i told them that was just plain stupid, and then they settled on just “O.” oh, and I fell in love with K because she can cook. but don’t tell her that because she’s really sensitive.


  1. a comment to myself: did anyone notice that i have an 'o' problem? i seem to compulsive add an extra 'o' everytime i write yokoo. the three 'o's would be laughing at me...

  2. Isn't Yokoo something!


  3. she is very ace for sure, your hello sandwich post is great, i can totally see why you love her so - your styles are both so great!
    there is something really nice to see someone so original doing her thing. i think her fashion blog idea is interesting too, the film os yoko ono's performance piece - having audience come and cut off her clothing piece by piece, a bit different to the usual fashion blogs of pictures of clothes and ensembles!