Thursday, May 7, 2009

sing hey jude

after toyota, sony and sushi, is losing yourself in a late night booth on a modular leatherette couch singing out of tune with friends and associates to a backbeat, bouncing ball and video straight out of the 80s, japan's next biggest export?

above: hasisi park's karaoke
below: stills of karaoke scene from lost in translation via; the movie i watch whenever i want to remember the way japan just knocks you flat with awe and wonder. (and to hear jesus and mary chain set to cinema)
end: great, great karaoke shots from trout factory flickr


  1. Oh my goodness! I think we are connected! I have a karaoke post all saved up as 'Late Night Tokyo Fun #2'! How funny! I hope you don't think I am copying you when I post it! he he! I love that Lost in Translation karaoke scene! Isn't it just amazing! Also hasisi's website is amazing! Is that your friend?

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. hello ebony, that's great, i think this will happen a bit for sure - we both love the same country so! i look forward to seeing late night tokyo fun ( i should ask my friend who lived in tokyo where that late night ping pong parlour she liked was and let you know:)
    hasisi park is definitely something. really thought provoking images i find. i am planning another series on one of her project themes soon as well. nope, not my firiend, i discovered via the amazing nazara at + blog, but would like to know more about here for sure.

  3. hi! i´ve just found the way to comment your posts, i thought i couldn´t!
    just wanted to tell you :)

  4. oh, so great to hear from you nazara. yes, i have a weird glitch where i can;t show the comments tags on the posts...thankyou for saying hi, i think by now you know that i am entirely smitten by your blog!

  5. me and my friends live for karaoke!