Sunday, June 21, 2009

bizen yakimono

bizenware is a type of japanese kiln-fired pottery made in okayama prefecture. the pottery is unglazed, and the various effects are the result of entirely natural processes during the firing in the red pine wood kilns. straw placed around the pot burns off into red stripes, ash congeals and leaves brownish markings, or charcoal drops and marks the pots.
e-yakimono bizen site.
these images via japanese pottery.


  1. Gorgeous pots and don't you just love the colour of macha in the first photo?

  2. Ha... I've always wondered how to comment on your posts... silly me just saw your note on your glitch - very strange!

    I love this type of ceramic so much... a little bit of wabi-sabi magic at play... I have an affinity with this part of Japanese culture - not fighting against nature but working with it provides such beautiful results.


  3. wow they are beautiful :) i love earthenware type ceramics

  4. I love Japanese yakimono! There's something so unqiue about it, so raw, so natural. I once went to a yakimono matsuri and was amazed at how creative the community is.

  5. beautiful post!
    i've wondered also how to comment on you blog :)

  6. thankyou for the comments everyone. i think comments are such a joyful part of the blog, don't you think? i am glad these bizen ones have such a nice reaction form all. i visited a bizen pottery area, and it was amazing to see the kilns and things. i like how japan's pottery is set to location - the quality and character of the clay dictates the pottery? but of course, the best bit is the 'not fighting against nature but working with it provides such beautiful results'.- as emma beautifully says!