Saturday, June 20, 2009

blogging on japan

over the last week there have been some stellar bits and bobs on the www relating to nihon. here i put some of my recent favourite ones.

1. spoon and tamago: do it again. their knowledge of contemporary japanese designers and happenings is amazing. above are two great design concepts. top = canvas works by
noto fusai and bottom = suntory's new translucent oolong tea train ad.

2. cookie cutter: shows us some amazing japanese prints on sofa

3. jollygoo: makes

4. in jo spittler's house by the woods: beautiful, beautiful photos of the rain or shine zines community garden and my very, very favourite busho ikebana (everybody needs this in their life i believe)

threebuttons hits tokyo: say no more

kansai time out points me to part 2 of kaiten sushi film: lost in a moment

7. and natsumi: has 
70s styling in the playground


  1. great links, thank you!

  2. Thank you sweet girl! Love the umeshu! YUM!

  3. Oh, what a surprise! Thank you for the mention! I love this post! Umeshu is one of my favorite drinks! I always order umeshu when I go to japanese restaurant. I would like to try to make them here but I have never seen green plums at store... maybe in Chinatown...I'll see...

    Have a great weekend! oxoxo

  4. What a pleasant surprise! It was very sweet of you to link me. ありがとうね!

    I'm in love with natsumi's 70s pic! So nostalgic, off to check it out!

  5. hi everyone - lovepics, am very happy you like the links, natsumi, cookie cutter, sorry i didn;t let you know, but glad that you liked the surprise! you all do wonders in the world of japan blogging:) and hello ebony! i am so inspired thanks to the lovely jollygoo to make the umeshu next time plums are about to ripen.and good luck with your thesis!!

  6. Oh thank you for mentioning my umeshu!! I can't wait till my 2009 umeshu is ready to drink! I wish I could let you try mine!

  7. Thank you for mentioning my Three Buttons blog :)

    I LOVE TOKYO!!!!!!!! I want to go back!!! Now!!!