Wednesday, June 3, 2009


so many photography posts of late!

my friend simon has a show coming up from June 5 at
CCP in Melbourne. this is one shot above from a person also in the group show, louis porter:

'The photographs in Cheap Flights would not make it into many holiday albums, but they are still travel photographs. Taken on various trips between 2005-2008 they examine the more disappointing aspects of travel...Travel is about expectation. We expect to have an enjoyable holiday; it says so in the brochure. The majority of travel photographs aim to reaffirm the idea that fun was indeed had; the sunsets beautiful and the locals charming. These mementos serve as homemade propaganda, along with images of weddings and other family events. Cheap Flights embraces the anti-climactic and relishes the fact that there is a little bit of home in every place you go.'

image and quote above by louis porter via

there is also a print drawer at CCP, in which
kotoe ishii has prints:

'Winter in Akita is incredibly white, and terribly quiet. I feel very lonely. I wander around by myself with the disposable camera in my pocket; it is an interface between myself and the surrounding winter. Loneliness and sentiment embrace me, even though I am at home. I keep pressing the shutter of the disposable camera to cut out the moment which doesn’t have to be kept; empty white landscapes, grey skies and myself. By taking these photos over and over again, the images start to get lost in a sublime state. Space and time are suspended in the air and the mundane and ordinary scenes become something unusual and precious.'

images below and quote above from kotoe ishii via CCP site.


  1. oh i love the photographs by louis porter! thank you for sharing.

    I just made the renkon burger tonight, oishikatta!! It's nice and easy, great recepi! Thank you ;)

  2. the pictures from kotoe ishii are so gorgeous...

  3. hi lovepics! thanks for your comment - yes, so beautiful - i really like his words about his home in akita

  4. and i forgot to say hi to you too hiki! i am so glad you made the renkon burger、美味しかったか?よかった!louis porter の写真はとてもおもしろかった:)