Friday, June 5, 2009

world environment day on hello sandwich

the ever amazing ebony from hello sanwdwich is doing great things for world environment day, if you haven't already, please do pop over to hello's environment post and it check out. she is an 'how eco can you go' finalist and implemented all kinds of green-friendly initiatives in her news limited office. good luck for the prius ebony! 

i really like the 'we can make a difference' energy on this project, especially in the face of lots of green community concern surrounding really high business incentives in the current carbon trading scheme debate in australia. now that it looks like the emissions scheme is going to be dead in the water thanks to political squabbling, and team rudd may not come out all guns firing and putting australia where it can and should be - at the forefront of proactive change on global warming - at the copenhagen climate summit, i am thinking now is the time for individuals to gear back up and re-focus, to keep the pressure on. go, green, thanks ebony!


  1. She is a sweet greenie!!!

    I have been so disappointed that I haven't been able to leave you comment before, that is until I read about your commenting glitch! I wonder why that is happening to you. Now that I know my way around it I can comment more often :D

  2. aww! shes the greatest!!

  3. I love her furoshiki!!
    she's so clever and sweet and what she's doing is so "erai" ne!

  4. Naaw! Bree thank you so much for your delightful post! And thank you so much for helping to spread the eco word! It was really gorgeous of you! You are a real gem!

    Lovely Angela - you are a sweet greenie too! Thank you so much for spreading the word on your delightful blog!

    Make it Easy - you are too too lovely! ;)

    Hiki - :) Thank you lovely! It's so sweet of you to say so.

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  5. hi angela - i am so glad the message glitch message made you able to find the way to comment! it is weird - i seriously can't work out why it does that...i am loving open blog:) and aron and hiki hello! ebony really is so clever and sweet - i really admire what you are doing with the eco challenge ebony - so very wonderful!