Friday, June 19, 2009

isado fragments

isado's fragments and abstracts. he has an amazing eye, i think, in what catches him and how he frames it. i love these worn, forgotten, coloured, rusted, peeling, fragments of japan.
discovered via tunburaa.

this looks like an oil painting


  1. Melting!
    And tanburaa is such a discovery.
    The oil painting connection - so true!
    I love the yellow in the picture above the oil painting.

  2. hi jo! lovely desu ne. the palette is wonderful. yes! tunburaa is so good - thanks for reminding me i will change to post to say tunburaa - i have a strange habit of referring to sites by their domain name as opposed to their title:) tunburaa refers to pixiv a lot - it looks a great repository of japanese illustrators and artists, but hard to navigate if no japanese, and you need to sign up to be a member...

  3. Beautiful images! He captures the ordinary in a wonderful way - use of light and composition is fab.

  4. extraordinary pictures, great lines, colors, details...beautiful!