Thursday, July 2, 2009

keibunsha shop

my select from the wares of keibunsha. another reason to go back to kyoto soon.

i am not sure how anyone could go past an onigiri purse

the above is a book cover.

this is a tanpopo (dandelion) hairpin.

an owl cushion

for some reason this is sideways, but it is a single stem vase
above is a zabuton (floor cushion)


  1. Eeep! The cushion! The slippers! I love these so...

  2. lovely selection! so delicate, and beautiful!...and the shop is amazing?!

  3. if i were you, i would go head over heals to Kyoto and by everything, this is all so nice!!!!
    i have a nice fashion book of the Kyoto Costume Institute, did you ever see it?

  4. hi kate, yumi and renilde! i know, they have such a beautiful collection, don;t they? such a lovely eye for wares they have...i am scheming to get over there again as soon as possible:) these things combined with their amazing range of books and magazines, it must surely be a little slice of heaven...renilde, no, i have never heard of the costume institute - that sounds amazing! maybe one day we can see some pictures on at-swim-two-birds;)

  5. wonderful selection! I especially love the first bowl! ah kyoto... I wanted to go there this spring but the swain flu was getting big there so I couldn't make it. zannen! kyoto daisuki desu.

  6. hi hiki and emma! that bowl is to die for ne:) swine flu is bigger in melbourne i think maybe? - but no one wearing masks or anything! zannen - kondo!~ and emma, glad you like:)

  7. OMG!!! Onigiri purse! How CUTE!!!!!!!! I love!
    Thank you so much for sharing this cute little secret with us!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend pretty thing!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  8. Now just stop it, will you? I can't handle pics of gorgeous Kyoto pottery just popping up in front of me like that. Grrrrrr. It's just too hard being so far away some days.

  9. hi ebony and kylie! i know, the onigiri purse - just an absolute delight ne:) that bowl is number one on my list of desirables at the moment:)

  10. Oh, these are great stuff! I love the onigiri purse!! I am so curious how they made... Lovely!!

  11. So beautiful things! Thank you for these dreams.

  12. How very lovely, all of it.