Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am playing in the bathroom.

this is so great. the life of maru. he loves boxes. and sitting in the bath. best of course for people who are 100% cat people. but the commentary by the blogger is so very wonderful, i think this can get everyone in. it is also maybe a nice way to practice japanese - the comments are written in japanese, then translated delightfully into english. can be a nice way to learn idiomatic expressions or practice reading kanji and things...

i found maru via

update: a big thanks to kate from love you big, this is a very hilarious clip of maru dealing with a big box.
update #2: and hiki's favourite is also brilliant. too good to be true.

I am in the smallest box!

Hey Maru! How about the taste?

I miss it!

I eat cat grass with a cool pose.

Hello from the hole.


  1. Eeee! I love Maru! Have you seen this?

    So cute. Great find, as always!

  2. oh dear - that is so incredibly ace i am going to have to make that a link on the post as an update - i hope that is ok! i worry that people checking in can;t see the comments because of my weird comments glitch, and i want everyone who drops by to see that awesome clip:) thanks kate!!

  3. Oh it's too cute, goes straight to the heart.

    (If only they wouldn't use our garden as a public - well - and chase the baby birds...)

    Nature at work and yet cats (and this one especially) are darling!

  4. hi jo! i know, it is a double-edged sword the cat linen press is all belled up with a double bell on his collar to try and prevent the chasing of the birds...there is a push in melbourne for all cats to be kept indoors of a night which is also a good thing perhaps. but, oh, they are so cute:)

  5. あー!まるーーーー!!!!
    I've seen many clips of his on youtube but I never knew about the blog! Wow this is great I can see more of まる!yay! Thank you for sharing, my boyfriend is also going to jump up when I tell him because he's the one who found まるちゃん。

  6. sorry, me again.
    have you seen this one? my favourite one!

  7. Cat pics and videos always suck me in big time. Have you seen some of the funny Japanese cat vids on youtube? They crack me up they're so good. Oh wait, I think it might be the very same Maru-kun.

  8. hiki, so great! i have added your favourite as a link too - thankyou!

  9. and hi kylie - i know, i was laughing my head off in the confines of my office today watching those:)

  10. ahhhhh cuute!!
    what a great blog about a cat! thanks for sharing, this made me smile :-D

  11. OUUUU
    how cute!!!

  12. This is the best thing to happen today!!!!! Thank you for posting it!

  13. hi cheeky.cicak! thanks so much for stopping by, and am very glad that made your day:) it is my current favourite thing, to stop in and see what maru is up to..

  14. and hi nazara and aron - cute overload ne:)

  15. I am in love with your kitty! He is ADORABLE. Look at that beautiful face!