Friday, July 10, 2009


the somewhat sneaky advantage of checking something like google analytics, means that sometimes you discover pure joy. olostudio.tumblr is a beautiful tumblr devoted to textile, pattern and texture. here are some pictures from this lovely site:

1. above is an image of a work  by american/japanese artist jacob hashimoto 
2. below is am amazingly whimsical installation by  sarahappelbaum
3. last two are a great example of newspaper re-worked for eco-packaging of farmers' fruit and vegetables from tokyo-based dentsu design


  1. oh this eco-packaging by dentsu is great!! I really like it. I tried to find some information on it on the web but nothing came up in Japanese! You are really fast with Japan related news!

  2. thank you so much for this post, the olostudio is a real pleasure to nose in.

  3. hi hiki, the newspaper is so great isn;t it - oh, i am not sure that i am so fast, i just keep my antennas up! i hope you find some info on it? it is such a great idea.
    and renilde, i am so glad you are enjoying olostudio - i really hoped you would like it, i had your amazing textiles in mind!

  4. Wow - as usual these are stunning finds! That eco packaging - and the installation - ii ne!

    Another addition to the old bookmarks :)