Wednesday, July 29, 2009

online stores #1 - badenbaden

i have a weird love of structure. of pulling together various threads and putting them in one place. for this, and because i love nice things to have and to hold, i added a new entry on my ever expanding sidebar. it is called online stores. straight to the point. it is all about collecting online japanese stores i find and giving them one home. i come across so many in my wanderings, i wanted to file them carefully away, but not so carefully i never find them again. so they have found a sidebar home. i hope that you can also enjoy them? you will find this growing list in the left hand side bar there, just under on my record player.

i guess the keibunsha post was my first one. so this is my second one: badenbaden.

they have recently featured these extremely cute purses by
HIPOTA. i also like their other coloured purses. check out their homepage for more great pictures of their wares. they have an actual store in tokyo as well.


  1. Super cute Bree!
    I love that site's clipping paths and also the font - Didot?
    So cute! Am very excited about your online shop list! You are a one-stop-shop-inspiration-blog!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. Oh badenbaden! Since I heard about it at yasu's blog I've been dying to visit the actual shop which turns out to be close to where I am but I keep forgetting about it...いつも忘れちゃう・・・。Thanks for reminding me!

  3. hi ebony and hiki! oooh, i dont know if it's didot and i am not sure what clipping paths are, but i am curious!! and thanks for reminding me! i knew i had recently seen badenbaden featured, and now of course i see it is on the very very lovely yasu's blog! i hope you get to see it in real life soon -