Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cats in windows and anthropomorphism

personally, i blame garfield.  i still know they're cats, but geez, i am sure they daydream, nod off, scheme, and ponder just like us. now i feel like sitting in a sunny window watching the world go by. (and i wonder have you been keeping an eye on maru? he has a new house now.)


  1. I love keeping up with Maru! Did you see his first steps outside the other day? In Australia is it common for cats to be allowed in and out? Here is is the usual thing. We will be letting our two out when they are a little older.

  2. this is really a scream! kawaiiiii!!!!!
    i always love finding cats in windows but don't they look so lovely seeing them all together like this. it's perfect!
    and yes maru, you would never get bored if you were living with a cat like maru!

  3. haha aaaw such a cute theme! sometimes i freak out because i cant find my cat anywhere in the house! and he's just so unworried behind a curtain sometimes, not understanding the severity of my search. hahah

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  5. sorry, too many typos in first comment! hi alice - yes, i saw his first trip outside - it was great - he was like the first man on the moon:) it is pretty common for cats to be allowed out, but some people keep them inside at night to help stop them attacking native animals and things, and they always have bells to protect the birds.
    hi hiki and aron - hilarious aren;t they, the inquisitive little mites. there is something about two little cat heads and bodies peering intently out the window that i can't get enough of.

  6. hi mieke - glad you like the cats:)