Thursday, August 27, 2009

the george tavern @ the selby

i like everything about these photos from the ever excellent selby. the improvised balloon chandelier above is superb. the george tavern is now a must-visit if i ever go to the UK.

the shots of the kitchen below remind me of the tiny kitchens in many japanese homes (of which i am trying to collect some pictures to post sometime in the future if i can). the below is such a nice example of a kitchen crammed, piled and balanced into a limited space; becoming so beautifully personalised, the perfect antithesis of the sparse, gleaming, everything in its place mantra of the showroom kitchen. whilst i like and crave good storage as much as the next person, i see my heart lies with the piles and chaos.

i recommend you see the originals in large format at the selby link above, or click on the pictures here to enlarge.

update: this is my heaven in indoor potplants. the macrame. the spider plants. and the masses of plants inside.


  1. The crammed kitchen's so lovely with so much character! My kitchen is just as crammed but why isn't it as charming? :p

  2. Oh what a lovely blog! Love you photos, each one evokes a story. Particularly love the old wall with the torn red wallpaper on the right and the framed photo in the center.

  3. hi cookie cutter and juniper, that is so true about the crammed character, i am sure your kitchen is just as charming:) and thank you so much for your nice comment, the selby does it again ne:)