Thursday, August 20, 2009

i love, we all love, mieke willems

i really like how mieke and veronik say they like to wear socks in sandals. and that my favourite story-maker renilde also makes things for their store. and that they document things they both have. and i really like how i can see many of my favourite versions of japan in their wonderful world: a special aesthetic that is full of care and humble beauty, handkerchiefs, the paper balloons, origami books, figue plants, beautiful teacups and lovely handmade-ness.

and i really like how everyone else loves them too: see here for the
hello sandwich post.


this post on houseofmilk just made me laugh.
and if you are in melbourne this saturday, perhaps you might consider attending this soiree.


  1. Oh my!! That's alot of kawaii-ness in one post!

  2. yes i love mieke willems too!
    i really like the look of their blue shop, i want to go to antewarp just for that!! (and chocolates)

  3. oh my gosh, everything about this is so adorable and pretty!

  4. Great shop! I would love to visit.

    I notice "mur mur"on your reading matter. I have seen it on 恵文社 website. Do you like it? It is hard to buy books online since I can not see inside but from the discription, i have a feeling I would like it. I should wait until next month and go to 恵文社 though.

  5. what a nice surprise to find us here on your post, the photos you've chosen are looking so nice together!
    And thanks a lot to consider me as your favourite story-teller :-), Wow

  6. yes, for this alone i would like to go to antwerp ne:) i have not got any copies of murmur unfortunately momo, but i would like to try it one too! are you going to kyoto soon?? and hi renilde you are of course my favourite story-teller - i love your unique view:)

  7. hi again momo - i just saw that the lovely hiki has updated her magazines at uguisu shop with all kinds of great things, and she has copies of murmur - ii ne:)

  8. hello bree! did you have a nice weekend poppet?
    this collection of images is so lovely! you have a wonderful eye! Thank you for posting them in one neat little post! and thank you for your little hello sandwich link

  9. hi ebony! a very nice weekend thanks - the kes band show at the arts centre was pretty darn special. i hope you had a very nice one? and gosh, thanks so much for the kind words.

  10. I love them too! :) K