Wednesday, August 19, 2009

toru's chiiori blog

i mentioned chiiroi in the previous post.
toru's blog will transport you there.


  1. oh my, these are gorgeous (again)!
    I had seen chiiroi website before in a web design related reference, it's beautiful. And toru-san's blog is amazing! thank you for sharing this :)

  2. Those dark wood rafters give such a cozy feeling! Particularly well-suited to cold climates. And that photo of moon is simply magical!


  3. hi hiki and t. the moon one is what got me as well. toru's pictures are really evocative of the space and time, don;t you think?

  4. Wow, beautiful. Especially that photo of harvesting grain, the beautiful work clothes, the boots... and yes, there's a sense of time caught as it's passing.

  5. hi lindsay - that photo harvesting, they are harvesting the straw for the thatching for the roof, is what i am thinking - the chiiori farmhouse is one of the very few old farmhouses that still do traditional thatching i think. there are the transplanted traditional villages with places with the old roofs, and some places that are still working as farms, but they all need heaps of funding from local council and government as thatching takes a lot f resources. but i believe chiiroi also uses volunteer labour alongside artisans of the craft to re-thatch, which is really great, i think.

  6. This is so stunning.

  7. How do you comment on his blog. I put my name and my web address but at the end it asks a question that I cannot answer. I really wanted to leave a message there since it moved me so much.

  8. hi yoli, i just tried to post a comment to check, you need to enter a password to post the comment, but i tried by gmail/google blogger password and it worked - perhaps try that? in the comments box...
    名前 : this is name
    URL : your blog's site

    非公開コメント (you don;t need to tick this i don;t think
    削除用パスワード設定 : enter google/gmail password here

    then press the submit button on the right

    good luck! i hope it works, it is a truly beautiful blog.

  9. i think these pics are of an exeptional beauty, the way of using the light brings me in a special mood, love the way you posted the dark fotos alternating with the bright ones.
    Thank for sharing.