Thursday, August 13, 2009

lucie rie

lucy rie (1902-1995).
amazon japan book on lucie rie.
amazing lucy rie archive at the crafts study centre.
lucie rie exhibition at galerie besson.
an update: with big thanks to david, i added the two photos at end by snowdon.

above three images via crafts study centre lucy rie archive

above images (and very top image) via gallerie besson

snowdon of lucie rie via artnet


  1. Beautiful blog!

    thanks very much.
    Ive been waiting for a blog with Japanese-pot-plants -around-the-door. Such a great aesthetic. ; jewell-like, drawing us in.

    I liked the early pic of Rie- seen Snowden's portrait of her hands?

    you might like for more tetsubin, wagashi, Melbourneishness, Rie, Morandi, radiating lines and more...

  2. what a delicacy! the lady herself is also looking nice. I have this secret fantasy for myself of still having projects when i'm an old-aged lady :-)
    love this post

  3. oh I love these ceramics very much.

  4. these ceramics are just a dream, form, colour, texture... sooo beautiful.

  5. hi there - thanks for your comments kristina, yu and renilde, beautiful yakimono and the lady herself is indeed looking nice desu ne:) and hi david, thanks a lot! i have had the look at your blog and site, and geez, wow. your blog selections floor me, and seeing your work, for the first time i have truly wished i had my ears pierced. i wonder if it is ok, i will save you up and would love to do a little post about your amazing world sometime?

  6. i love her book.
    i love her work more now that i've seen such a lovely photo of herself!

  7. Absolutely stunning ceramics! That photo of her hands in clay is priceless.

  8. a dream indeed, beautiful work- timeless. than k you for sharing this with us on your beautiful blog.

  9. hi hiki, kylie and mady! yes, that book is added to my amazon wishlist for sure! and i am so glad david neale (above comment) directed me to the snowdon photos - i really like the one of lucie beside the oversized korean pot too. and thanks so much for coming by mady, your post in cinq design is lovely!

  10. very occaisionally i see a Rie on ebay...