Friday, August 14, 2009

tezuka architects

i think the barest boundary between nature and house is beautiful here. floating, sunlight.
but, i am not a fan of the indoor-outdoor-rear-extension-bi-fold-door-bring-the-outdoors-in terrace house renovation here in australia. now why is that i wonder.  i think i just like the nooks and crannies too much. but sunlight, that is essential.

i am no expert, but i see in many of the tezuka houses a continuation of the nakaniwa internal courtyard, sliding fusuma (doors) and engawa (internal/external verandah) of the machiya i love. but  these are machiya with the roof off and sunlight streaming in.

designboom interview (they are husband and wife).
all images are via tezuka architects site.


  1. what a GREAT post! i love it. these photos and appartments are breath taking! thank you for sharing, definately inspiring :-)

  2. hi aron! thanks for letting me know, i thought you might like these spaces:)

  3. I love these houses so much, thank you for posting on them, it has given me much inspiration. I love the wood floors, the sliding doors, inner courtyards, the fun things like ladders to the roof... amazing!

    My comment is a bit late as I had bookmarked this post in order to have time to read it properly.

  4. thanks for this post.
    i've been imagining being in these spaces :)
    it's made my morning!

  5. hi alice and mary - thanks for your comments, and i am so glad you like the spaces - they have quite the special quality i think...