Sunday, September 27, 2009

back from a nice break, and some lovely photos

hello! i am back from a very nice break. we went to the 
gippsland lakes, via mum and dad's farm. 
we were lucky to be able to stay in my uncle's lakeside holiday house. 
it was so nice and humble a place and right on the lake, 
so excellent sunsets and the constant sound of lapping waves. 

the lakes coastal park was in beautiful spring form 
with the native grasses a carpet of dusky pink 
and the teatree in blooms of white and pink. 
collected banksia pods on walks  and examined 
fleshy coastal succulents in amazing shades of yellow and reds. 
and a big snake crossed our path, which gave me the absolute willies. 
if i am going to be dramatic, it looked a little striped to me, 
so it might have been a tiger snake of some sort, not sure. 
it slithered right out beside us as we were walking along the track, 
but was a little bit sleepy i think...australia, the land of the poisonous reptile, god bless. 

we also were lucky because the weather was cold and wet, 
very nice for holing up in front of an open fire. 

sorry i don't have any pictures, i only had a polaroid camera 
and didn't end up taking any pictures with it, silly me. next time:) 
but...some pictures were waiting for me when i got home. 
i had ordered a wonderful zine of photographs of a trip to japan 
by one of my favourites, ye rin mok. it is so great! 
you can see it via her website and etsy

and to keep on the photography theme, 
i am keen to go to an exhibition by natalie jeffcott
currently on as part of the melbourne fringe festival. 
natalie's photos of sinks, basins and landromats to me 
seem to fit nicely with ye rin mok's chosen images of japan....

spread from ye rin mok zine

spread from ye rin mok zine

one of my alltime favourite photos by ye rin mok

ye rin mok

natalie jeffcott $2 wash series

natalie jeffcott $2 wash series

natalie jeffcott l$2 wash series

natalie jeffcott

natalie jeffcot

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series

natalie jeffcot stoves and sinks series


  1. oh good you're back!! okaerinasai!
    it sounds like you had a wonderful break (apart from the snake incindent), i never got to go to the gippsland lake but it must be lovely. i love australia's countryside!
    also, this stoves and sinks series is so cool!!

  2. Welcome home! Your holiday away sounded wonderful. Great photos!! I'm off to look at the Ye Rin Mok zine : )


  3. These photos are gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful Blog! and for sharing such lovely photos! Kenza.

  5. wonderful photos :)
    welcome back!

  6. thankyou for your lovely comments!

  7. ooh yes! im such a fan of ye rin mok as well!! she has met such amazing people and photographed such amazing things throughout her journey!

  8. your break sounds wonderful! i love all the photos too. i know what you mean about forgetting to take pictures.. i always leave my camera at home when i shouldnt have :)

  9. hi aron and marie! ye rin mo is very awesome:) and i am glad you also forget to take photos too marie:) but i think it would be more of a loss to society if you forget, as your photos are always so great!

  10. Love everyday snapshots of Japan. They present things in the most honest way and also remind me of my life in Japan.