Saturday, September 19, 2009

studios and music videos

i am going on a little spring break for a week. we will have no internet, so a blog break!
have a nice week:)

another creative space.
studio @ rose street, home to both minimum chips and mum smokes at times.
minimum chips are playing at
the tote in collingwood tonight.
below is a filmclip nice for spring. (visit the
minimum chips myspace to hear more.)
japanese band
tenniscoats are also playing saturday.
and for extra strict adherence to my rules of engagement,
spot the
moomin merchandise purchased at the
wonderland that is
kiddyland in tokyo in the picture below...

below are all images from the
mum smokes double album easy/house music.
mark rodda is the artist, julian took the photos.


  1. hey thank you for showing me these music groups,
    i really like them both.

  2. i love studio spaces too!
    and that painting with the colours makes me so happy

  3. hi there! thanks for your comments:) glad you like the music and the paintings!

  4. hi bree, hope you are having a wonderful holiday! i wonder where you've gone to, but no internet connection for a week should be so nice!

  5. I miss the times when I used to play with my band, but carrying the equipment and stuff was awful. Sadly, I am now too old for both things.
    Great music!!!

  6. really inspiring post - particularly love the studio shots and the music video!

  7. hi hiki, clunk and kristina! thanks for your well wises hiki - it was really great break:) and i am so glad you link the music clunk and kristina!