Thursday, October 8, 2009


these are all photos by kazutaka yagi, a mix of 35mm, polaroid and 6x6 from his site.
 移りゆくis a nice photo blog.
his photos take me directly back to the quiet corners of japan.

And, here is lee tran's post on the vego ramen holy grail. the unbearbable lightness of being hungry is awesome:)


  1. The last photo looks like the movie "Still walking" kitchen. Is it? All along that movie I was in an unbearable lightness of beeing hungry!

  2. Love his photography!! I especially love the ones the were taken in the very showa-like house. And yes I agree with Ensuite, this kitchen looks so much like the one from the movie 歩いても歩いても.

  3. this is one of the most exquisite series of photographs i ever have seen! thanks for sharing

  4. absolutley beautiful images :-)

  5. hi there, i have not seen the 歩いても歩いても film, but now i really want to! i am so glad you like his photos too, they have a beautiful resonance for me.

  6. such beautiful photos!
    i especially like the ones that show images from everyday life - the kitchen, the sewing machine, the street view.
    and i agree with the first two, the kitchen does remind me of the 'still walking' kichen.
    such a good movie..

  7. Love!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. hi asphaltandair and ulrika, thanks a lot for coming by, and i am so glad you like his photos. now i really have to see the still walking film desu ne....

  9. wonderful photos.
    i like this kind of light...