Monday, October 12, 2009

by hand

this to me is many kinds of great.
from the book that i recently happily found in a secondhand place: 

above and below 4 images: 
robert conger, woven arylic yarn on quarter inch mesh. images via Mixed Green NY

bottom 2 images: 
satoru aoyma, polyester thread on polyester organza. images via


  1. I've got that book too. I liked Kiki Smith's quilts the most... they have been on my mind.

  2. Wow! That book looks amazing! I love all of these works. I've just started embroidering again and looking for different ways to express representations - very yummy :) K

  3. they look pretty weird and surreal, if something very strange is gonna happen :-)
    thank you for your sweet words, they're like a tonic to me.

  4. Ah, that book sure looks interesting.

  5. hi there!
    claire: the artists featured are all very great, for sure. the quilting is amazing.
    kylie: i wish i could embroider/or had the patience to apply myself:)
    renilde and elisabeth: i am glad you both like them! and thanks so much again for giving the world such a fine little interview:)

  6. HONTOU SUGOI!!!!!!
    i cant believe it. this is such a new form of art i have never seen before. i am amazed. really talented they are!!

  7. wow... that's just insane! love it.

  8. hi aron and famapa, it is so great how everyone is reacting to this art:)