Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i want to go here, here and here

little miss twig captures tokyo. someone in the comments said like film stills, which is so true.
i want to go to these places.
shimokitazawa needs further exploration next time for me in tokyo.
please, where is that place with the heavy blue curtains and tea on the engawa?
and the fabric shop in the garden in daikanyama, wonderful.

1. shimokitazawa cafe
2. fabric shop in daikanyama
3. engawa in shimokitazawa
4. streetside shimokitazawa

all photos by stephanie at
little miss twig. who i happily discovered via the wonderful hiki at jollygoo.


  1. These are enough reasons to head to Tokyo! I can imagine being in these places and simply soaking in the atmosphere. That engawa will be the on the top of my list!

  2. Absolutely breath taking.

  3. Don't you love how she captures Tokyo? I especially love her Shimokita (is how we call shimokitazawa) shots. And that engawa is this it's an izakaya: http://www.yumejistheme.com/in-praise-of-izakaya/2009/5/15/totoshigure-shimo-kitazawa.html

  4. can i come too? beautiful images that capture the still, and quiet, in life, at moments.

  5. let's all go:)

    thanks hiki! that is added to my list, it sounds so easy to find, i wonder why i didn;t see it last time ne >_<

  6. that shop opened about a year ago (I think) and lets hope it will stay till you get there! i will try to explore more of shimokita for nice shops ;)

  7. i love these pictures!!!
    i really like that one of the little food stand at night :-)

  8. oh wow these places all look brilliant! wish i could go soon!