Monday, October 5, 2009

kurashi-arekore goes to japan

very exciting, i am so looking forward to more of momo's posts on her trip to japan.
here are images via one of the links in momo's first post.
these are by
mikiko iyama, via cafe yamahon.
(and how great is angela from three buttons' zine on
little tokyo shops?!)
(a little off track, but i also love this
post by yu.)

and an update: my friend kara has her kara-no-te exhibition opening in new york this week October 10!
She is also doing pottery demonstrations and open studio.
ii ne:) her flyer is at end.


  1. your blog looks wonderful - love it :)
    i'm also in melbourne. i will link to you.

  2. Beautiful ceramic pieces....great blog posts

  3. hi primoeza and liz. thankyou for your supportive comments, i really appreciate it!