Saturday, October 17, 2009

JT ads

top: is topiary that i like. via tsuyatsuya's potted gardens.
second and below:
these have been about for a while, but i do like them.
it is hard to choose a favourite, but perhaps the 'children scolding 
adults with paintbrushes' one? although the olympic torch runner one is also brilliant.
they are japan tobacco (according to wikipedia, still a 50% state-owned tobacco company.  i didn't smoke until 
i went to japan,a personal choice though, and yes, i know smoking 
is bad, i would love to quit) smoking manners advertising.
images via combinibento.


  1. wooo they are so cute :)

    happy sunday !

  2. these are so great!
    yeah, im trying to cut down on smoking more.
    i like the one that says my cigarette smell good, others smell bad. haha so true!

  3. he he, they are great ne. very random.

  4. yea i like these, ii yo ne!!
    do you know the Tokyo Metro's "manner posters"? they are great too ;)

  5. they are so excellent, hiki, thanks!!!

  6. these are awesome :P I put a few on my facebook page. thanks

  7. hi fedor! glad you like:) and great to know string gardens hss a facebook page!