Saturday, November 28, 2009

photos by yasuhiro ishimoto. japanese american post-war photographer.
i first saw his work in a book i recently got, 
a book of essays by japanese architect arata isozaki, called japan-ness in architecture

ishimoto's book of photographs of tokyo and chicago, a tale of two cities.

his black and white photographs of the katsura rikyu in kyoto are featured 
in an upcoming reissue by yale university press of the book below . 

with photographs by ishimoto and essays by walter gropius and kenzo tange.

laurence miller gallery represents ishimoto.


  1. beautiful photos. especially the first one.

  2. love them all, i will have a look in the art bookshop tomorrow. the interiors & gardens are so beautiful:)

  3. oh thanks so much for posting these inspiring black-and-white photographs!

  4. hi there, thanks for your comments. the first one is very poetic, ne. and the black and white chicago bottoms, great:) the katsura interior ones are very beautiful, my favourite interiors of all! i really want that book (either the original or reissue), i think it could be quite special.

  5. wow
    japanese traditional architecture always let me speechless. they have such a wonderful sense of style using materials, forms, elements and light...

  6. There's a big book called 'katsura' which has many reproductions from the original 'creation and tradition...'book.A bit expensive though.I think it has a reoproduction of a postcard of ryo an ji from gropius to le corbusier!