Thursday, November 26, 2009

the best thing i have seen for quite some time

ok, so this is something so great, i can barely contain myself.
the earth bag. how i wish i had a mind with room to dream these things up.

i would dearly, dearly love to own this piece of joy. which joins previous items such as:

the cloud umbrella here.
the balloon chandelier
and the sweet onigiri purse here.

edit: they are made of leather though, and very expensive, these bags.

all of the products in this post's pictures are via online store mistubai.
a really wonderful space. it is all adding up to bringing me ever closer to my heart's desire.
one day, i will.

"At Mitsubai Tokyo we are selling items and made-to-order pieces which we consider "hot!"...
We search and introduce items which have moved us personally in the hope one of them will connect with your heart like a Cupid's arrow. We are starting at a slow pace, and ask you to kindly watch over us."

dear claire from
nine on seven led the way to this one.
this blog. which is really great, and makes me think the young ones do it so well!
this post in particular is really wonderful, i think.

edit #2: seven news, this is not news. rather, it is a gallery of 18-year olds having a party.
is anyone else sick of online news sources (for overseas readers, seven news is one of the mainstream commercial channels here, with a nightly news service) and their shoddy pandering to the lowest common denominator of public interest? i have had it up to here. sorry to be all grumbly, but you know, at the same time this is the 'top read story' on this news site, the Liberal party (in opposition in australia) is brewing an afternoon leadership coup, based on the fact that half of them are climate change sceptics and they can't face their leader voting for an ETS. i would call that news. sad, and a gross rabble of out-of-touch politicians, but news.

the earth bag

summer yukata

the perfect use for troll dolls. it looks mildly flammable, however.

cochae origami i have also mentioned previously here.


  1. Oooh, I'm gonna say I want that bag too! So witty and also cute! Off to check out their online shop.

  2. In the 4th photo, u just look like a bridge between the earth and the moon! =)

  3. these are ALL such great finds!!!

  4. wow I love the stuffed toys+chandelier!!

  5. why should we post something today on our blog when we can just give a link to yours... :D

  6. wow, i'm getting an overdose here, supercool stuff!!

  7. hi there! thanks for the comments everyone - that place is absolutely an overdose of cool stuff:)

  8. omg!!!! i want to go for a world trip with that earth backpack!!!!!!! mitsubai looks awesome!
    and what about that news!! aussie koukousei....! well here we see very similar news just after seijinshiki you know, but i guess we have more silly news all the time in japan :(

  9. Oh man, that bag IS いいね.

  10. hey hiki, i know, i even just want to walk down to the shops with that bag:) and another little rant:) - seven news just makes me angrier and angrier, they are soooo pathetic. but there you go, i am such a leftie when it comes to these matters.

    but i do think the question of chicken versus the egg in terms of mainstream media is kind of interesting - are most people really that inherently (a priori?) interested in the dross/gossip that is served up as news, or is their interest magically awakened and/or enforced by constant bombardment from mainstream media sources? hmmm.

    that is interesting what you say about japanese news, it is something that i found quite troubling when i was there. i don;t think i ever found a current affairs show for example like 7.30 report etc we have here.but i always thought i awas missing something,there must have been a secret, undercurrent of hard hitting, engaging current affairs commentary in tv but maybe not!? and don;t even get me started on the way the tv channels portray women! but, sorry to launch into a tirade there;)

    and hi blue shoe, i see you have a blog on japan and learning japanese, that is so great! you have some very interesting posts on there with language hints and things! my japanese is sadly on a very steady decline, i can;t really speak it at all nowadays, and have total disregard for proper grammar and particle use etc, sadly!

    phew - that is a long comment.

  11. Haha...well, looks like you're trying, anyway. I like the glossary you have going on on the side - that's a cool idea.