Sunday, January 3, 2010

alice and flamingo via here

flamingoes. remarkable.

flamingo planter via here

elvis costello version of pretty flamingo originally recorded by manfred mann i believe

the supremes playing the flamingo hotel

above 3: vintage images of las vegas flamingo hotel, via this flickr set

flamingo dress from a really nice eco-friendly boutique, kind. via all the mountains site.

don featherston pink flamingo lawn ornament via retro renovations

the real thing via this flickr

the real thing via this flickr

via here

flamingo glasses via flickr

concrete flamingoes via here

50s living magazine, flamingo style. via this really great flickr set

pink flamingo via flickr


  1. happy 2010!
    we have pink flamingos close to montpellier.
    you see them when you fly in & out of the airport :)

  2. ah! gorgeous! reminds me of visiting la camargue in the south of france when i was a kid. they are such odd, lovely creatures.

  3. There are "it bags" and I believe there are "it animals". Hedgehogs and cows in the 90's (on mugs, on cushions, etc. etc.), deers and little birds in the 00's, flamingos for the 10's. I remember a picture from the band you like "Crayon Fields", with nice flamingos too. And then this picture from an old Indian ornithology book I made a huge canevas poster with (
    I'm wondering what other "it animals" will be during the next years to come. Any ideas?

  4. crazy! you can see flamingoes from the airport? they like the south of france, too? absolutely odd and lovely creatures, what a lovely combination:)

    and ensuite, yes! i totally agree. i must admit i can;t recall the hedgehogs though? i think owls were big in 2009? yay for flamingoes in the 10's! hmmm, other "it animals" for the new decade? I hope maybe some that need our help and attention - whose habitat is being systematically destroyed by the climate change or other effects of consumering...sorry, that is not so much fun as pretty flamingoes though! but it can all reside together, no?

  5. ahhh, such a crazy flamingo bunch you found through these pictures ! Love !
    ...and yes, you're right, after the fun, we must pay much more attention for our fragile world !
    Happy Happy 2010 to you !

  6. that flamingo dress made me laugh to myself. what an unexpected and amazing inspiration!