Monday, February 22, 2010

i am looking in to places to stay in kyoto whilst in japan next month.
we were super lucky last time and stayed in my friend akiko's wonderful old wooden house
in the mountains near the path of philosophy. beautiful:)

this time i hope to rent an apartment of our own for the short time we will be there.
iori machiya stay i have mentioned before, but it is sadly outside the range i would like to pay for accommodation. (i am yet to properly grow up in that respect:)
and the cheap
machiya guest houses i posted seem great, but i am looking for a private place. so...

monthly kyoto is a key site for this kind of search.
one room apartments in modern blocks for about $30AUD a night for the whole apartment
(that is $15 each! small places, and they add a surcharge for each person, but man,
that's cheap private accommodation when you compare what a dorm bed in a hostel costs).
shortest stay is 7 days. then goes up in weekly/monthly increments.

but what i have my keenest eye on are the machiya they list.
here are some photos to show what they offer.
you can rent these machiya for around $90AUD and up per night -for the whole house.

i think having your very own machiya to call home whilst staying in kyoto
beats a hotel, guesthouse, even a ryokan any day...
but then, i am super biased, loving machiya so.
as time passes i realise more and more how lucky i was to live in a machiya when i lived in kyoto.

this site may be of help to anyone planning a stay in kyoto sometime?
it's in japanese, so you might need a japanese speaker to help navigate it.

in english:
sakura house does similar apartment rent facilitation in tokyo (but has more guest houses)

this site lists some private machiya for rent in english


  1. A private machiya would be perfect--so nice to know they are available for short-term rental in Kyoto!

  2. ...that is so awesome!! you can rent to live there for a short time! i never knew this!! ahh i am so jealous! how long are you staying?? that sounds so fuun!

  3. so exciting! can't wait to hear about your travels on you blog. i was lucky enough to go to kyoto once (for a few days only) and stayed at kikokuso, a traditional ryokan:

  4. wow wow wow!
    this kind of makes a trip to japan at the end of the year possible:)

  5. these look lovely! and much nicer than Sakura house.
    eeep you are going to have the best time!
    How long will you be in Japan for? xxx

  6. hi there! they do look good ne. i have been in contact with monthly kyoto and they have given me an english guide to renting their places, anyone interested i can forward it to you! but the down side is you do need to know someone in japan to rent them - they have to act as a type of 'guarantor' for the contract.

    we are in japan for 4 weeks in total - the first 2 weeks is the kes band tour (will post more soon) then we have 2 weeks to wander kyoto and anywhere else we like...yay:)

  7. Thanks for all these fab links. I actually know of one couple listed on the English site. Small world!

    Whenever I travel I try to sublet apartments rather than pay for hotels. I did that in Manhattan 18 months ago and it was the best! I hope to do that sometime this year in Rome too.

    I'm so jealous you're off to Kyoto!!!!! Dip your feet in the Kamo Gawa for me please.

  8. hi kyilie! that is small world! you can't get us a good deal by any chance?? he he he. i think it is the nicest way to stay, too. rome will be wonderful!!! i will certainly send you some kamogawa well wishes:)

  9. wow! this is so fantastic. :) i posted a link to your amazing blog here.

    hope its okay!