Monday, March 1, 2010

i found it. that place made around an existing shed.
i happened across it in the depths of my poorly filed picasa albums.
so therefore sorry, i still can't recall where i got these from,
or who made it. please enlighten me if you know?
i think this is super wonderful space.

edit: a big thanks to tudor who emailed me more information on this house:

the house is by tonoma architects and it's located in hyogo:

sorry i have been a bit haphazard with posting lately.
been very busy at work and at home.
my mum celebrated a landmark birthday,
and my folks are celebrating 40 years of being married.
i am also getting ready to go to japan,
which is keeping me busy.

kes band played yesterday,
at the brunswick festival.
i am going with them on their tour of japan.
they are playing with japanese band
my pal foot foot.
fun times!
if you like music and are anywhere near the cities below at the times listed,
it would be great to see you at a show:

::KES BAND Japan Tour 2010::

Wednesday 17 March at
U.F.O. CLUB, Tokyo
w/Suisho no Fune, Eiji Mitomi, and more

Friday 19 March at UrBANGUILD, Kyoto
w/MY PAL FOOT FOOT, Maruo Maruko, Suzmenba

Saturday 20 March at
Chika-ikkai, Osaka
w/MY PAL FOOT FOOT, jenny on the planet, jugz

Sunday 21 March at Helluva Lounge, Kobe
w/JUG JUG FOOT FOOT (MY PAL FOOT FOOT + jugz), Eddie Marcon, and more

Monday 22 March at K.D Japon, Nagoya
w/MY PAL FOOT FOOT, and more

Thursday 25 March at
Nana Hari, Tokyo (KES solo)

Saturday 27 March at
Penguin House, Tokyo
w/MY PAL FOOT FOOT, PUKA PUKA BRIANS (Ueno of tenniscoats)

my pal foot foot/suhaak-haaksu


  1. That is a beautiful space - so peaceful.

    So exciting that you're off to Japan - and on a tour, no less! Happy preparing and lovely to have you back.

  2. Oh lucky, seems a good way to travel, on tour with Kes Band through Japan.

  3. Oh this is so nice and spacey! I would love to know where it is and who designed it. Also love to see the floor plan, it looks like it has a really interesting shape if seen from top, like the "hachi" in kanji!

    And oh your japan trip is coming close! I will try to go to one of those dates to listen to KES, so looking forward to meeting up with you :)

  4. hi kate - that is true - it has a peaceful air - maybe because it lives happily beside/around what was already nasty wholescale demolishing...thank you for your nice comment,

    and hi dell - it should be an interesting one:)

    and hi hiki - me too - i have vague recollection i saw it via design boom? but can;t remember architect details...hopefully someone can! looking forward to meeting up !! not far now.

  5. this is so whimsical until you see the interiors.
    oh lucky you to be going to japan!

  6. hi bree. How are you?
    I think I have something you would be happy to watch after seeing this building. It is a collection of people's house in Japan on DVD.
    When I finish it, I could send it to you.

  7. hi mary - i know, so very lucky:) happy days!!
    and wow, that sounds so wonderful momo - thanks so much for thinking of me! we can email about it? i hope you are well!

  8. great house! i've seen a fair share of contemporary japanese architecture recently, tied in with my translation projects, but this i hadn't seen before. so cool!

    and i'm so jealous you are going to japan... :)