Monday, April 19, 2010

and back to big.

i got a fast speed (1600) disposable camera
after i dropped my little digital camera
and it stopped working.

we were hoping the fast speed disposable number
would make shots pleasingly grainy
and able to be taken in low light.

not all of them worked out,
but some i kind of liked in a subdued way.

an excellent kissaten on the takasegawa canal in kyoto.

another version of kissaten, this one in a random small town in wakayama whose name i can't recall. 
the view was over the small train station. from our 2nd floor aerial view it looked like a tati film set, 
with the form and function of the train station and people going about their business everywhere.  
i think julian took some photos of it, will try and post later.

i like a sink outdoors

all of these are from a little minshuku we stayed at in a small onsen town called 
yunomine no yu in the mountains of wakayama prefecture.  
in usual style, we didn't have a place to stay organised, and the friendly people recommended a little minshuku there for us.
 it was lovely, quiet, great breakfast. loads of gaijin (ie 3), so i guess it is also in lonely planet.  
it was called yamane minshuku, and is cheaper if you only get breakfast, not dinner and breakfast.
the blue tiled simple bath was really nice, the waters very restorative. the bus ride into this mountain onsen town is also beautiful, 
following the sulphur coloured river into the depths of the mountains.


  1. okaerinasai, Bree san.
    Looks like you had a lovely time in Japan.
    I just noticed that you have a vegetarian japan link on the side bar. Did you go to Kairasu? I just love that place.

    will e-amil you about DVD sometime soon!
    welcome back.

  2. I like the grainyness of these,
    how do you get your photos so big?

  3. They look great.

    Love the Lonely Planet comment!

  4. Oooooooh the grainy feel is wondeful.

  5. very nice spaces! haunting and beautiful

  6. oh these are incredible! wow i get nervous when i shoot something with a 500 ASA/ISO ...

  7. i love all these shots - great capture!
    i use ISO1600 films quite often but i didn't know there was a disposable one! quite handy isn't it!
    i love how the light comes in in those photos of sento/onsen :)

  8. beautiful pictures, especially the second one. love the graininess!

  9. thanks for the grain-encouraging comments. i love a bit of graininess, just love it. there is something a bit sad or lonely about it, but that's ok. it is kind if like looking in on a thing past.

    momo - thank you!!!
    marie - expand your width of template and use picasa to upload is what i do. but check out kristina's blog no penny for them for some great post's explaining sizing up!
    ugly girl - ha! i take it you have had lonely planet's been here experiences too?
    and thankyou kylie, aron, jane, hiki and mlle paradis, i appreciate your thoughtful encouragement and feedback!