Sunday, April 18, 2010

a hodge podge of some things that have lit up 
my catching up on things.

very top:

as always, brilliant find by ouno design

next 3: 

next one:

next 2: 
japanese bath, by the selby
dream couch, by the selby

piet hein eek's installation via design files

and finally, like the ensuite ladies,
does it matter that there are no image credits?
i really don't know. that is a curious aspect of the blog/tumblr/etc world, i think.

either way, it is a wonderful collection of pictures and ideas.


  1. that couch is brilliant - also like intelligent clashing.
    boy I'm tired. nice end to a long day, so thanks :)

  2. Hi,
    If you hadn't seen my comment at Ouno yet, look at this.

  3. Intelligent Clashing!


    It is refreshing for some sites to not have credits links comments etc.
    Just a really amazing collection.
    I feel qualified to say this coz my earrings is on there with no link and I am stoked ( fully, if I must qualify my stokedness)

  4. hi golden smith! i think i agree on the refreshing-ness. i guess my view is that almost none of the things on my blog i have actually made myself, rather just gathered. so i feel a need to try and be as accurate as i can in pointing anyone reading to the source. but on the other hand, just dive in, hey. it's all out there.

    in stoked-ness rankings, fully must be right up there. can totally see why:) it is a great collection.