Sunday, April 18, 2010

a nice zine i got in tokyo.
(sorry, my scan does not do justice to the colours)



  1. ah I do like watercolour -)

  2. It is pretty. I am trying to figure out what zine is....

  3. I just read an interview with you at Hello Sandwich. I got curious about the very answer you gave that at school you HAD to study French and Japanese. So Japanese was obligatory for everyone at your school? Does it have a special reason?

  4. hi marie - yes, so nice. i have some other zines as well that i think you might like - maybe i will bring them along for a cuppa some time:)

    hi bohemian girl! zine is the word i guess is used here and overseas for independent magazine/publication, usually self-published or published via independent press? at least that is my very general definition of it! often featuring the maker's own art/photos/words/ideas etc. in opposition to the big magazines...what is your interpretation?

    and thanks for your curiosity! yep, we HAD to learn them both in first year of high school (so age 12). i am not sure of the special reasons behind, it was not the same for every school - my school was a private school and they had emphasis on languages, art etc maybe? it was the only school in my small town that offered japanese or asian languages, so i was very lucky! i think learning a language should be TOTALLY encouraged in all schools - so important for developing awareness of other ways of life and empathy for people outside your usual sphere of acquaintances...what do you think?

  5. We call it an author's book, directly translated. Zine is a nicer word. Mysterious.

    Languages: I cannot than agree. It is quite unique that your school offered Asian languages. I can understand that your 12 years old heart picked the more peculiar language, the one that scents of distances. One doesn't think of a profit at that age.

  6. these are really lovely. i bookmarked the artist page - i want to try to find one of her zines when i move to tokyo!