Monday, May 10, 2010

how i wish i had known about lyell.
they are closing soon.

just had to share it too.
via ensuite and all things ordinary.


  1. I have been admiring lyell for ages..
    and right now I really want a velvet jacket,
    I might have to go flee market hunting :)

  2. I LOVE ALL THESE!!!! the designs, colours, styles and photography... they are just perfect! thank you for sharing bree!

  3. How sad they are closing. Lovely clothing but the photography is what instantly grabs you. Who does it?

  4. So beautiful! I love the clothes and touched by the sensitive styling. The emotions in the photos are amazing. Especially at the last one and the one where the model sits on the tree. Wonderful.

  5. hi there! woohoo, so wonderful, yeah? i ams o happy i saw these on the lovely ensuite and all things ordinary. i like it when fashion and its photography gives me a sense of all is well in the world...

    but i am also very thoughtful of any future purchases, particularly from big companies, thanks to dear plastic's thought-provoking post:

  6. Anonymous08:01

    Your blog is lovely.


  7. wow, these are super lovely. that black dress with red pumps is such an inspiration - i even have all the items in my wardrobe! thanks so much, bree! :)

  8. errm, i mean i own a black dress and red shoes, not that i the entire lyell collection of course...

  9. looks beautiful! how sad...