Monday, May 10, 2010

a bit of melbourne japan,

kurosawa season at melbourne cinematheque starts thursday 13 may.

and non-japan related but reminiscent of the japanese diorama-style street scenes
i have seen,
this looks fun at CCP


i just updated what's on my record player.
i am not sure if anyone listens to these at all,
but that's ok, because it is a nice way for me to mark it whenever
i listen or re-listen to something that strikes me as great, or beautiful. or both.
today it is
the bonnie prince.


  1. hm it will be so nice in three weeks time when assignments will be done and I can go do fun stuff!

    also like your music pick - thanks for the introduction -)

  2. I love Bonnie "prince" billy! I missed him a couple of times in Japan but my friends went to see him and they had chat with him as well. nice guy Will was they said.

  3. I love your music selection.

  4. viva la fonografia!

    -I hear teenage fanclub have a newie out... jangle-pop bliss out for me!

  5. oh great kurosawa!!!

  6. hello hello! i am glad to hear he is a nice guy:) and that is VERY interesting about tfc new album! i will be looking that up post haste. my car only has a tape deck, and one of my few tapes is my old teenage fanclub album from when i was in high school - it is on very high rotation and i never get tired it:)