Monday, June 28, 2010

here is a little bit more of the japan we saw
back in march/april this year.

above is a photo taken from a
little perch we go to every time 
we are in shibuya crossing.
it is a bar/izakaya up an elevator
in a building on the northern side of the big crossing.
always quiet when it opens around 5pm.
it's great for soaking up the crowds and classic tokyo views.
i think in general for finding good tokyo hidey holes and perches:
look up, climb random stairs, ride little elevators.
you never know what you will find.

all photos by julian patterson.

we do like baths

kissaten are simply the best.

great kissaten cash register.

nice shape.

cemeteries: nice to spend some quiet time and poke around small temples.

sanjo dori, kyoto.

one of the live houses (urban guild, kyoto) that kes and my pal foot foot played.

japanese band jenny on the planet supported kes and my pal in osaka.

kissaten breakfast set. 300 yen for tea and two slices.

local nagoya artwork in a kissaten.

one day we went for a trip into the mountains near nagano.
we didn't have a plan, as as night and the rain drew in,
we couldn't find anywhere to stay in the tiny little hamlets 
we were passing through on the local train.
when we had started thinking we might have to 
set up camp in a train side waiting room,
we tried knocking on a farmhouse door
 to ask if they knew anywhere to stay.
they were so kind (of course!) and 
directed us to the one station stop we hadn't tried, 
waited with us in the cold rain until they saw us safely on the train, 
called ahead to ask the inn owner to pick us up 
and called the (only) restaurant owner to meet us 
to have some dinner at her restaurant.
one of the very special things about japan.
the place we stayed was an ancient farmhouse villa in a beautiful 
small village that these last 4 photos show.

great shop signage/lettering. this is a soba/udon noodle store. 


  1. ah i wana go to japan!!

  2. ps. didn't make it to uni this afternoon - but we must catch up!

  3. hi marie! i was just about to mail you to check in on that:) next time desu ne. ad for sure, i am sure you will get to japan one day and you will love it:)

  4. that bathtub! the tea set! i so want to go to japan.

  5. This, all of these, made me smile.
    The country side of Nagano looks amazing!!!
    And I too hope Marie will get to come to Tokyo sometime maybe in the near future!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS what a wonderful wonderful post! I want you to take me to Kyoto onegai~!
    The stories and photos are just beautiful! arigatou for sharing lovely! xxx

  7. The turquoise bath tube is making me nostalgic (...well, the other pictures, too). The atmosphere is caught just right, I think. Wow.

  8. hi! thanks for your comments. hiki, that nagano tip was really great - i have never spent much time in nagano-ken - lots of great misty mountains and super cold. ebony! i am loving your tokyo posts so much! really excited for you:) yes! next time i am in nihon, let's go kyoto! and thanks tamara - did you spend time in japan and in japanese baths? the colours are always so perfect - the tilng awesome....

  9. i meant nagano trip:)

  10. Since my boyfriend and his whole family are Japanese, I've never experienced the country as the typical tourist. Your pictures are not so magazin-like. They seem very "real" to me. Beautiful. The blue bathroom is pretty similar to that one of my first stay. But indeed, Japan without bathes would be like Japan without food.

    I was following your blog almost from the beginning, - or better I was struggling with it, because my weak web connection hardly came through to show me that great number of fantastic pictures. Never gave up. Now it works!

  11. We watched that crossing in Shibuya from Mcdonalds. Not quite as nice as a little bar, but still an awesome view!
    We lost our daughters Rilakuma bear there at 7pm on a friday night amongst THOUSANDS of youths, but we found him an hour later safely waiting for us on a statue with all the lost beanies and umbrellas, rescued by a kind stranger.

    What beautiful hospitality you received in Nagano, and such beautiful photos!

  12. i adore your photos, they make want to be back in Japan now...

  13. What a dream...

  14. Last time I was in Japan, the bath of the hotel we stayed in perfectly mixed pale yellow, white and black. Something we would never try in Spain. I love kissaten... addicted to coffee!!