Monday, June 28, 2010

thankyou, ok is just all kinds of awesome.

this blog has inspired me in many ways to great to mention.
i have visited korea once and am super intrigued and full of admiration.
thankyou, ok takes us on a great journey.
(ps - one of my
favourite lighting makers is from korea.)

thankyou, ok has also prompted me to make my first addition
to my blog labels
in a goooood long while.
(although of course i am very tempted to do
the free-styling labelling that maestros
such as
ouno have mastered -
example vintage ouno label grouping:

, , ,
, , , ,
, , )

anyway for me,
hello: korea.

a little note on korean craft and japan

soetsu yanagi (the unknown craftsman author/focus
and japanese
mingei movement founder)
is VERY explicit in his admiration of korean folkcraft pottery.
this was pottery by numbers at the time,
generally made by untrained workers 
during the korean yi dynasty (1391-1910).
anonymous folkcraft koreanware
left a legacy of bowls for everyday life,
whose pure, humble beauty was perceived by the
original japanese tea masters, and elevated to the ultimate
in simple, imperfect beauty: the japanese tea ceremony bowl

there are all kinds of wonderful philosophical themes running
through this book,
the unknown craftsman
(which is essentially a collection of yanagi's essays).
but one that stands out for me is the key, very broad one:
perception of beauty
in humble, everyday objects designed for use.
it makes my heart happy to see in modern days this perception in


(each is a separate link:)

all photos via thank you, ok.


  1. Wow - thanks for all the links. What a site! That first image is breathtaking.

  2. all so fun and pretty! thx!

  3. この やきもの を とても すき!
    たくさん おもしろい もの ここ.

    What a shame we didn´t met in Tokyo. I was 150km far from there, in Minamiizu, Shizuoka...
    Maybe the next time :)
    I will be probably back for autumn, and hopefully with working visa for a year.
    let see...

  4. More Korea:

  5. oh wow thanks for the nice photos and the headsup
    korea is one of the countries i still havent and am just DYING to visit!
    great blog! :)

  6. I agree, supernice blog! thanks for sharing.

  7. hi there - glad you like thankyou, ok too:)
    nazara - that's such a great plan - would love to try and catch you next time in japan!