Sunday, July 25, 2010

hey, i have started to tumble!

i used to write down quotes in my diary,

cut out articles from the newspapers,

press replay on the verse that got me every time.

now i think i will put them here.

the range is wide.

right now i am into the australian politics.

moving forward -

there might be more on politics, and ethics.

and some quietly powerful fact and fiction.

also some randomly great thoughts by interesting people.

i hope often it will be little grabs of pure beauty in words.

(and i might put some pictures there, too.)

it is called mo ikkai,

or "once more".

please do stop by sometime,

if you like?

otherwise, no problem, thanks for visiting ii-ne-kore, 

and reading all the way to the bottom:)


  1. I'm following.. I think Tumblr is handy for a quick digital diary, but I wish i wrote down quotes and cut out articles!

  2. hi shinya - thanks for following! i agree, but i am a bit absent-minded and have these diary quotes, cut snippets of newspapers etc etc scattered all over the place and/or lost. here at least they are all in the one place...will see how it goes, as sometimes i get a bit of digital fatigue, but will just potter along:)

  3. ooh great! please add me too:
    its funny, we both have japanese blog names!!

  4. hi aron! done:) i know, japanese names-o-rama. i tried a few english ones but they were all taken, so nihongo is easier, because a bit more rare:)

  5. O great, I'm over there now!

  6. This blog is heart breakingly beautiful.

  7. looks great! and nice to see a photo if our blog there already :)

  8. Fantastic - it's nice to see someone else in the design/art blogging community is concerned about the circus that is Australian politics right now. The comment by Peter Hartcher really hit home for me!

  9. thanks so much for word of encouragement and stopping by mo ikkai.

    caroro - thank you so much - makes my day!

    and catkin and teasel, that's really great to hear. the depressing circus definitely prompted me to find an avenue to highlight some of my really deep concerns about the way this election is playing out, and the way the public are at the mercy (or drive it, because that's all they want??) of the 24-hour news cycle and spin fest. tumblr format might be a seeming contradiction there, i guess, being a microblogging format. but i will see how it goes! it is interesting to try and utilise tumblr to create some kind of narrative, or at least a prompt for further reading and discussion... it can hopefully be more than random or pretty pictures in this context:)

    and thanks fine little day and ouno! i hope you enjoy mo ikkai if you visit again, and especially hope that the australian politics bits and pieces maybe at least touch on some universalities!

  10. Breeze....good nay GREAT to see you've started tumblring! Cant wait to catch up properly and compare notes on journalism in Australia. (From my reading on corruption I learned some)Do tell about current poloitcs yo

  11. claire!!!!! i wonder where you are? right on - let's swap notes, can't wait to see you!