Monday, August 2, 2010

casual object garden and other material matters.

via zero1 blog.
via ici marie.

going to see this one at MIFF. anticipating it highly.

highly recommend seeing
Gabriella Mangano & Silvana Mangano's video art work at
gertrude contemporary art space, studio 12.
more of their work

looking forward to seeing
david neale (a.k.a the golden smith)
and emma price's jewellery pieces at funaki.
(thanks marie:)


we have started to dismantle our piled high tetris furniture
to move into the other spaces in our new place,
now we have finished plastering, painting, sanding.
exciting times!
feels like stretching out wings again after being in
a (dusty, cramped) diorama of a house.
will try and post photos soon (although i always say that, don't i?)

(sorry if this is presenting weirdly.
i am not at my usual computer,
and that seems to have effect on how things post, font-wise...curious.)


  1. love these photos!
    that looks like a good film pick
    and gertrude st, haven't been for ages. time for a trip soon I think:)

  2. aw, i love these photos. good luck moving!

  3. lovely pics. so many delicate details. and exciting news about moving your things into the newly decorated rooms!

    love the "weird" font by the way.

  4. I'm impatient to see the photos of your new place!
    I know what sanding means...

  5. hi there - it looks like such a great installation doesn't it? love the name, too.
    thanks for yoru interest in seeing some pics of the new place, i will be working on it! we have an ingenious plan for a bathtub that i think some might be interested in:)

  6. i love the look of these!

    congrats on moving! how exciting for you!!

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  8. thats beautiful.