Monday, July 5, 2010

via oly's delightful just like honey.
yoko omori's great style. great styling.
although i hope the fur is fake...

so-en (below) is i think the best fashion magazine. in existence.

i mean, i am no expert here,
it's just that every time i see a copy of so-en,
i love it.
just look at that stripey cover. brilliant.
anna wintour, eat your heart out.

i hopefully will also have some so-en treats for you
amongst other things
once my bags are unpacked
and the new place is rolling.


how great is it seeing
hello sandwich tokyo life take shape?


  1. i love that first one!! with the pink flower! wow

  2. So-en is such a great fashion mag! Adore those muted, dream-like street shots; there's something quite spontaneous about them. Looking forward to flicking through the next issue over tea with sandwich-chan when I move to TYO!

  3. beautiful styling! love the clothes too

  4. Fabulous images. So much inspiration here! Great collection!

  5. great magazine desu ne:) catkin and teasel - that's so great - moving to tokyo! ii ne.

  6. the pea hand girl is my personal favorite. but they are all pretty wonderful.